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“I worked with Isol in the context of clinical studies. Isol was always an outstanding member of our team, with high professionalism and admirable personal qualities. Her in-depth knowledge of Statistics was very helpful in different projects. In addition, ISol is a team player and a true asset to the team and the company overall.“

Fabio IkedoMedical doctor clinical trials phase III

“I have known Isol for over one year, since she started collaborating in several research projects at the Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto. As the coordinator of the Biostatistics group, I have gotten to know Isol very well.
Isol has excellent collaborative skills in data analysis and interacting with other researchers. She revealed being a fast learner, very organizes and efficient in completing all the tasks assigned to her. She has an excellent background in Mathematics and Statistics and more importantly she is able to translate theoretical knowledge into applied problems.
Her pleasant personality and fine professional skills make working with her a delight.”

Armando Teixeira-PintoPhD Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto

“Drawing on her sound background in economics, statistics, mathematics and financial markets in general, Isol developed and implemented a set of statistical metrics to describe, check and compare very large sets of securities in a very timely manner. These metrics, which capture developments in stocks, transactions, income related data, as well as ratings information, form the basis for the harmonized data quality management process for the Centralized Securities Database, conducted jointly by 27 National Central Banks and the ECB. With this development work, which also built on her conducted earlier in the IT area, Isol has very well demonstrated the ability to transfer theoretical knowledge to a complex statistical application. In doing so, she successfully addressed conceptual issues, including the relevant economic concepts, and also their technical implementation in the form of working prototype and production solutions in MS ACCESS, Business Objects and Oracle.
Isol has well demonstrated that she is able to document, present and discuss her proposals in a structure way to the parties involved in the development work on the IT- as well on the business side. She is able to summarize conceptual as well as technical issues in concise documents and presentations which support a successful discussion and decision.
Isol stood out as an able and intelligent team member, capable of organizing and analyzing information in a systematic and comprehensive way. She is hardworking, self-motivated and always willing to acquire further knowledge to successfully solve a challenging task, Isol has a strong sense of responsibility and excellent social skills. She was always keen to support the work of other members of the department.”

Francis GrossHead of Division European Central Bank, Germany

“Isol is really welcoming and nice, making it easier to adapt to the lessons and new method of teaching.I’ve been in this school for ten years and a half and these seven months had a different approach in maths because instead of teaching us the content and then give us worksheets, Isol gave us the worksheets and thought us step-by-step with the first exercise. I liked this different approach in maths and as she gave us so many worksheets I never ran out of different exercises. I especially liked the challenges she gave us, giving a taste of the AS syllabus, motivating me to continue with the subject I love. After some time, Isol, felt that we were falling behind so she decided to try a new approach. We would learn the topics for the test in a fast pace and then we would have more than a week where we could study individually and ask for help. This approach was interesting, as normally I need time to process and practice and I would not affect my colleagues’ path. When the confinement came, we had already finished the syllabus, so we had two approaches for revision. Firstly, Isol did past papers question-by-question, but not everyone could keep up, so after this feedback she gave us past papers to do and we had freedom to ask questions and do it our pace.

As always there were some tough topics and some students that were harder to collaborate, but Isol knew how to deal with them. She was there when we needed, she motivated us and gave us some independence. Although sometimes I could not understand some content shetaught, I had to sit with her for an extra help. She is an amazing teacher, one of the best I’ve ever had.

B. SilvaICGSE Student, Portugal

“Isol has been my mathematics teacher for two full years now, and she taught everyone well. She is a good example of a teacher that cares for each one of her students not only for their mental health but also if someone is struggling, she will try her best to make the student understand the topic.

Talking about personal experience, when I arrived in school for the first time in Form 9, I had problems with my mathematics tests and Isol was the one that believed in me and helped me get through it. She gave me extra worksheets and talked to my parents and we made a great team together which made me achieve A’s in the Form 10 exams (ICGSE).

She is very friendly and helpful and any problem that you have, it is easy to contact her, and she will make sure that your problem is solved. She is also very passionate about her job, she gives to her student’s worksheets and videos that could help even more to achieve their best results, apart from what she teaches in lesson.

Her lessons are always full of content, but not overwhelming. She teaches the right amount of topics per lesson and that is what makes her an even more special and great teacher. She is always taking her personal time to give feedback to students and to help each one of them. Giving extra support not only verbal but also in her incredible teaching skills.

I am very pleased with my journey, and that only happened because Isol helped me to overcome all the problems that I was going through.”

F. StellaICGSE Student, Brazil

“Isol was a great maths teacher, all throughout the year. She did exceptionally well in explaining difficult concepts, such as vectors and differential equations. I really enjoyed her teaching and her support in weird times like these. It was really helpful for us to be able to be confident in our knowledge. As a person, she’s really tender with everyone and is always in a good mood!”

D. FrancoCambridge Pure Mathematics A2 Student, Brazil

“Isol is a very kind and nice teacher. She is a teacher that understands her students and always thinks about the best solutions for us, she is always very caring. Our pure mathematics lessons are very productive. She always solves the exercises on the board very explicitly and helps us whenever we are struggled with questions.”

L. ZhengCambridge Pure Mathematics AS Student, China

“Isol was kind and open like a friend, also caring and responsible like a mother. Throughout this school year, not only has she taught us pure mathematics, she also taught us to be nice to others and to be respectful. It was a blessing to have her as my teacher, as I have progressed in my academics as well as my personality.”

R. XiePure Mathematics A2 Student, England

“Isol is an amazing Maths teacher. She understands that we students are individuals and, if needed, spends a lot of her time teaching us privately. She uses different methods or languages, depending on the student, so that learning is more entertaining and personal. I have learned a lot of things with Isol, and I’m incredibly grateful to have had her for these past two years because she has prepared me for the IGCSEs in a marvelous way.”

M. PiresICGSE Student, Brazil

“Isol was my pure mathematics A2 teacher this year. Isol was a wonderful math teacher and helped me to improve more and more. She was a great help when I needed it and made sure to find easy and quick ways to help me. In the end I had a huge improvement in my math skills and grades thanks to Isol.”

C. JinPure Mathematics A2 Student, Hong Kong

“Isol a knowledgeable, kind, understanding and supportive teacher. You have made our class of A2 Pure Mathematics and Statistics S1 feel comfortable in speaking up, the learning atmosphere is harmonious. Also, you are always very welcoming and ready to help, give feedback and answers questions as patiently as you can. It was great to meet you!”

E. ZhengCambridge A2 Student, China

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